Flowers and Petals Corporate Gifting

Who says that flowers and gifts are only meant for your love or family? You can appreciate someone’s efforts through flowers and gifts. If you wish to say thank you to your clients and business partners, you can send them a gift or flowers. A nice gesture can never be bad! We often forget to say thank you to our colleagues, clients, employees and business partners. If the deal is successful and they work extra hard for you, you should say a kind thank you to them by sending them a little gift or flowers. We offer corporate gifting services to our customers. You may have a bulk need and we are here to cater to those requirements. Flowers and Petals offer corporate gifting solutions to the customers in the form of fresh flowers and gift baskets. What is your requirement? We can deliver the gifts to the recipients efficiently.

You can send us your requirements by writing the following details –

  • Specify the product name and the requirement. What is the volume of the order? If you want 10 gift baskets, you need to specify it in the mail.
  • You would need to download our order form and write the complete details of each of the recipient.
  • Email the completed order form to us.
  • Flowers and Petals will send you a confirmation mail. We will find out a way to get the payment over the phone! Keep your credit card ready!
  • We shall send the gifts to your business partners/colleagues/clients on the date that you have chosen. It is THAT simple!

For further queries, you can contact us and we will be glad to help you out.

Kindly note that you need to send the order details a week ahead of the time you want it to be delivered. We will do our best to deliver the order to the recipients!